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Last updated - May 1st, 2017

30th Anniversary Special
$30 off PC Service

In celebration of our 30th anniversary we are offering a $30 discount on a new service we are offering beginning May 1st.  PC Inspection, Diagnostic Tune-up & Preventative Maintenance involves a thorough diagnosis of all major components of your computer system to ensure everything is running in optimum condition.  This service also includes a full check for viruses, malware/junkware as well as running diagnostics on your motherboard, hard drive, system memory and the power supply.  We also go inside to clean away dust and debris that invariably accumulates in your system and to ensure cables and chips are properly secured.   

This new service is being introduced at a special price of $125 but for the month of May in recognition of our 30th Anniversary and as a special introductory offer we will reduce the price by $30 to only $95.

This may be a great time to ensure your PC is running well for the busy months to come.
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